Duel or duet? How humans and machines can perfectly complement each other in the AI-driven translation Process

AI-Translation™ is, without doubt, on the rise. AIs are already translating over a billion words every day. That is more than all human translators in the world together translate in one year. There seems to be one main attraction to this: the high potential for cost savings. However, especially in a business context, AI-Translation™ will only ever lead to sustained success if it is used in a focussed and, above all, managed way. Our whitepaper tells you about the opportunities and the risks of using AI-driven translation services and demonstrates how they are best managed.



  • the basis of AI-Translation™ in combination with post-editing
  • why quality management is crucial 
  • what types of texts are most suitable for AI-Translation™
  • IT security and data protection in the translation process
  • opportunities and limitations of AI-driven translation services
  • the best translation solution, and why this is often a combination of human and machine
  • and much more